Joshua Rust

Hello and welcome to Rivers From Eden, a collection of essays written by Joshua Rust. Here I share an ongoing writing series that explores the nine years of my life, from the age of 23 through 32, when everything revolved around fly fishing.

Before you leave, please consider visiting "The Feed", hosted on Facebook at @RiversFromEden. There you will find a curated listing of the stories, videos, and images that best celebrate fly fishing from a variety of voices across the Internet. You will also learn about pertinent conservation issues affecting our sport. I am particularly interested in the liberation of our waterways through dam removal and the impact of invasive species on native fish.

I also keep a personal blog where you can find other articles on economics, politics, and technology.

Rivers From Eden is meant to be welcoming, informative, and simple. All HTML/CSS for this website is maintained by Joshua Rust.

Upcoming: "Rivers From Eden"

In places with limited access to public land, waterways can be the best portal to experiencing nature.

Upcoming: "Scorched Earth and New Pastures"

How fly fishing reinvigorated a young man suffering loneliness and burnout and helped usher in a life worth living.